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Have you got what it takes??

Bootcamp Noosa is different. It's hard. It's demanding. And it's fun. Using supportive and motivational routines, our team of highly-trained former military personnel and expert personal trainers will lead you through an Military Inspired fitness program designed to put you in the best shape of your life.

You'll be surrounded by our supportive instructors and other team members who, just like you, want to make dramatic changes in their physical and mental well-being. At Bootcamp Noosa, we will challenge you to push yourself to reach new fitness levels—and we promise you'll have fun doing it!

Bootcamp Noosa has been designed with safe and effective exercises, stressing proper form, technique, and safety. Our expert trainers put your health and fitness first, and will be happy to modify your workouts so that any pre-existing injuries don't prevent you from attaining your goals now.

About Us

Guide to Training at Bootcamp Noosa

Introduction to training with Bootcamp Noosa:


Bootcamp Noosa is a locally owned company with a sole purpose to help YOU achieve all your health and fitness goals. Bootcamp Noosa will never yell and scream in your face as Bootcamps are perceived in the local community these days. We use strong motivational techniques that give you the upper hand in not only completing every session, but getting fitter both physically and mentally along the way.

Bootcamp Noosa has forged a very close and strong family like community and members are often seen catching up outside of training times. You will never be alone whilst training at Bootcamp Noosa, You will have the joy and price of training in an group environment with the care and support that you would get in a private class, not only of the trainer but other members too.

Bootcamp Noosa Strives on performance, technique, dedication and motivation, and uses all these to get your body exactly how you want it in the shortest amount of time possible.

Bootcamp Noosa is a place where all your worries and distractions can be put on hold for the duration of the class. We don’t allow you to check your phone, we don’t have TV’s you can sit and watch and we don’t sit down and relax and say “I Cant”.

Our Ages range from 10 years old up to 60 years old and cater for all fitness levels, genders, shapes and sizes.

Make sure you sign up for your free trial session on the home page. You have nothing to lose, but plenty to gain!!


See you at training soon!!







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